Things that suck ass

well… a little BIRDIE might want to find a suitably large hole to hide in with the most protection available to them.

I have made an attempt to draw you in the cutest way possible. Hope you like. UvU


bechnokid  making me into a kawaii

I have made an attempt to draw you in the cutest way possible. Hope you like. UvU


bechnokid  making me into a kawaii

FUCKIN NAILED IT. rickz0r the legend made a thing.

okay first of all you need to have THIS playing for effect. and now scroll down.

long story short. i am fairly apathetic towards pokemon games X and Y was the last of my hype. Hilariously everyone around me however is getting their brass on. and this accurately depicts my emotions in light of this.

Rule #1: Always post the rules

Rule #2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones

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questions to me:

1:Do you like video games? if so what is your favorite 

2: What is your favorite meal?

3: What is your favorite drink?

4: Do you have a favorite toy/figurine? If so what is it?

5: If you would ever get a tattoo what would it be of?

6: Favorite anime/cartoon/show?

7: Favorite hat type?

8: How do Marshmallows make you feel?

9: If you were being chased by a pack of wild angry old people how are you doing today?

10: What?

11: What’s your favorite style of moustache?

okay lets do this.

questions from me:

1: what is the difference between a duck?

2: how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

3: how many light bulbs does it take to screw in a human?

4: why did the chicken cross the road?

5: SONO CHI NO SADAME _______________

6: remember when Naruto was still actually cool? 

7: you have to be executed what manner do you choose to die?

8: remember when someone thought it was a good idea to rename Gazelleman “DIK DIK VAN DIK”?

9: are you able to watch fight scenes from dragonball Z without having linkin park automatically play in your head?

10: are you anime?

11: what is the meaning of life?

you have been tagged.

old man out-

INQWIRE’S Modern Life: Boo fuckin hoo edition 2k14

- on another note things that i will also be putting together due to popular demand

  • Video on how i draw faces ( just need some decent video editing software to fix that up )
  • Playlists of my music from streams ( ill see what i can do )
  •  more vocaroo / video shit ( seriously? i do this shit mostly because im too lazy to type for long periods of time )
  • more animation ( i will try but it certainly isnt easy work )
  • more inqtroduction / OC asks ( im workin on it , ill have more stuff for ya soon )
  • Do a comic! ( maybe… )

again , thanks for bearing with me everyone. i really appreciate it!



thingsthatsuckass or inqwire, you have options.

Cool dude, goopy head with a buncha eyes.

EDIT: Added some glitchy versions

so guys i want you to meet this RADICAL mofo i know claudetc i met this legend of a guy a while back and we hung out for a while at MCM expo in london. and his work IS HELLA DOPE. JUST LOOK AT THIS STUFF I CANT EVEN. ID SHED A TEAR IF I KNEW WHICH EYE I WAS GONNA SHED IT FROM.

thingsthatsuckass asked: man are people whining about your tohous looking like men? fuck it make a MENSOKYO TAG FILL IT WITH TOHOUS THAT LOOK LIKE THAT LOOK LIKE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR CHARACTERS.


Draw all the manhous


"we work and train harder here in mensokyo…"

" but senpai… it was you who was amazing all along. you must believe in the heart of the cards"

hahaha thanks broham! you yourself are awesome. achievement unlocked!:  CAPSLOCK MAKES EVERYTHING LOUDER IN MY BRAIN!